With fresh, new creative and messaging, we re-launched a Midwest B&B brand with a modern, elegant twist.  

The rich history of these beautiful Twin Mansions dates back to 1876, when two bankers, who were brothers by marriage, made their way from the big city of New York to a little town on the frontier - Fort Scott, Kansas.  They settled, opened their bank in 1868, began building the mansions in 1872, and completed the massive undertaking four years later, in 1876.  Ever since, in a span of a century-and-a-half, each mansion has been called “home” by only five families.  The current owners of the North mansion, Pat and Larry Lyons, have loved and cared for it for 40 years.  The South mansion, owned by their youngest son Nate and his wife Bailey, was purchased in 2008, marking in history the first time these two iconic homes were again owned by the same family, since the brothers who had established them over 130 years prior.


When you are charged with rebranding history, you must walk the fine line of keeping the integrity of the strong brand in tact and being respectful to the beautiful story, all while making sure to provide an authentic representation of the brand. Along with developing a new logo and brand standards guide, WMG recommended a strong print and social media campaign to introduce the newly remodeled rooms and packages for the B&B. 










Recognizing an internal need for a marketing agency that could figure out why the hospitality brand’s robust social media presence wasn’t translating into more bookings, Lyons Twin Mansions tapped us to develop a consumer-focused social media strategy that could extend the brand’s reach on Facebook and Twitter, increase engagement, educate people about affordable travel options and connect with guests who could benefit from its unique concept. 

Before we could devise and execute an integrated social strategy for Lyons Twin Mansions, we first had to identify their target audience — current and prospective B&B/Inn guests as well as their families and loved ones. We also had to gain a better understanding of their customers’ journey and pinpoint critical junctures along the way where we could meet Lyons’ targets with inspiring, entertaining and relevant content. As a result, social engagement skyrocketed, website visits surged, newsletter and email subscription sign ups went up 300% and Lyons garnered thousands of new leads.

1,508 %

Increase in social media traffic to Lyons' website

971 %

Increase in Facebook- and Instagram-driven leads


Increase in email

and newsletter



Increase in guest

reservations over

previous year

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