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10 Real Estate Email Templates to Use in 2018

Homebuying is an increasingly digital process. Today, 80% of homebuyers conduct internet research when considering homes to buy, and 89% use the internet to find real estate agents. In fact, millennials are currently the largest group of homebuyers (at 34% and growing). Documents can be signed virtually, homes can be viewed by video, and realtors are expected to be online.

So where should you begin? Start with a strong email marketing strategy. Formal, impersonal letters no longer do the trick. The fastest way to modernize your outreach is by implementing short, direct, and personalized email campaigns.

To help you get started, here are 10 real estate email templates from Hubspot that will usher your communication into the digital age.

10 Real Estate Email Templates​

1) Open house follow-up email

SUBJECT LINE: Nice to meet you at [street address]

Hello [Prospect],

Great to meet you at [address] last weekend. I hope you got a good feel for the house and the [benefit of the property -- i.e., great pool, huge master bedroom, beautiful view]. Let me know if I can answer any questions.

If you’re interested in the neighborhood, I have another property available nearby. It has many of the wonderful qualities that [address] has, with a few surprises! I’d be happy to set up a private showing for you this week.

Thanks again for stopping by!


[Your name]

Whether a neighbor who wandered in out of curiosity or a genuinely interested prospect, it’s smart to follow up with open house attendees. If the latter, this email sets a proactive and polite tone for the rest of your business relationship.

Thank them for their time and remind them of the home’s most attractive attributes. Then tease another home, and leave them wondering what “surprises” it holds. Sure, they can probably find it online, but they’ll still be curious to uncover the house’s secrets in person.

2) Neighborhood expertise email
SUBJECT LINE: I know, [neighborhood] is my dream local too …

Hello [Prospect],

Thanks so much for stopping by the open house for [address] last Sunday. It was great to meet you!

If you’re interested in seeing more homes in this neighborhood, there are a few I’d like to show you. It’s a competitive area, but my expertise buying and selling in [neighborhood] is unparalleled.

But before we jump into anything serious, I’d love to learn more about what you’re looking for in a new home. I also want to share my approach to the homebuying process, to make sure I’m the right fit for you. If you’d like to set up a time to meet, click this link to book time on my calendar: [Link to Meeting tool]


[Your name]

No one wants to feel pressured into buying a particular home or choosing a particular realtor. In this email, you’ve acknowledged their interest in the open house, but also offered a wider selection of homes in the neighborhood.

You’ve also hinted at your expertise -- without overtly saying, “I’m the best and you’d be crazy not to work with me.” Communicate that the right fit is your primary objective, and you’re sure to set yourself apart from pushier agents.

3) Under contract email
SUBJECT LINE: [Address] went fast, but I’ve got more!

Hello [Prospect],

Thanks for stopping by Sunday’s open house for [address]. It was a pleasure meeting you. As you’ve probably heard, this house is currently under contract.

I know that can be disappointing, but I have good news! Several other homes in the area are coming soon, and I’d be happy to arrange a private or early showing just for you.

[Neighborhood] is a competitive area right now, but with my expertise, I’m sure we can find the perfect home for you.


[Your name]

This email is always disappointing to a buyer, so it’s crucial to lead with the problem (this house is no longer for sale) and move quickly to the solution (I have more houses to show you).

A sentence at the end acknowledging the market’s competitiveness will provide a sense of urgency. And it illustrates your understanding of the unique real estate market in their area, which gives your authority a boost.

4) Expired listing email
SUBJECT LINE: Let’s sell your house (now!)

Hello [Prospect],

I noticed your listing for [address] recently expired. You’re probably feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and impatient -- but I believe I can help.

Many times, when homes don’t sell, realtors blame the price. That’s not quite fair. These homes often suffer from poor marketing. That’s why I consider myself both a marketer and a realtor.

I’ve sold [number] houses in [neighborhood] in an average of [number] days for [percent] over asking price -- and I do it with smart marketing and [number] years serving the [city] area.

I already have several ideas on how to better position your property, and I’d love to hear what you think. If you’d be interested in learning how we can get your house back on the market and competitive, grab some time on my calendar here: [Insert link to Meeting tool]


[Your name]

When a listing expires, sellers often feel betrayed, frustrated, and worried about the financial implications of an expired listing.

The goal of this email is to acknowledge their feelings, restate the problem, and offer a unique solution. Keep this email short and to the point with lots of concrete facts proving you know what you’re doing. These prospects don’t want eloquent statements on how you’ll help them find their dream home. They want to know you can sell their home fast and for a good price.

5) New listing email
SUBJECT LINE: Ready to swipe right on some houses?

Hello [Prospect name],

Here are a few listings I think you’ll like. They meet your criteria of being in [neighborhood #1] and [neighborhood #2]. And they have [requirement #1], [requirement #2], and [requirement #3].

  • [House #1]

  • [House #2]

  • [House #3]

  • [House #4]

  • [House #5]

Let me know if you’d like a private showing for any of these homes. And if none of these hit the mark, I want to know that too. Looking forward to hearing what you think about these houses (especially #4!).


[Your name]

Clients can easily access new homes on sites like Zillow or Redfin, so work extra hard to make these emails engaging and valuable. Use the resources only available to licensed realtors to show them homes they can’t find anywhere else.

6) Low interest rate email
SUBJECT LINE: This is not a drill.

Hello [Prospect name],

Hope you’re enjoying the [local weather, holiday season, annual event, etc.]!

I thought you’d be interested to know interest rates in your area have dropped to [percent]. If you’d like to learn what price your home could be listed for -- and what your options are for buying -- click this link to book time on my calendar: [Link to Meeting tool]

Now get back to enjoying the [local weather, holiday season, annual event, etc.]


[Your name]

This email is great for reconnecting with past clients or farming new ones. If you have current clients who are shopping in a low-inventory area, send this email to previous clients who live in or around that neighborhood. You never know who you might tempt to move.

Keep this email from feeling salesy by leading with just how much these rates could benefit the seller, and personalize it with local news or events.

7) Client retention email
SUBJECT LINE: Home sweet honey-do list

Hello [Prospect name],

I hope you’re settled into your home and loving it!

Now that the hard part is over, I thought you’d be interested to learn how to increase your home’s value over the next few years. Here are a few ideas:

  • [Article about home improvement project #1]

  • [Article about home improvement project #2]

  • [Article about home improvement project #3]

If you have any questions about how to get started, or if you need recommendations on good carpenters, handymen, etc., I’d be happy to share my favorites.

Happy home improving!

[Your name]

Seventy-three percent of buyers say they would use their realtor again or recommend them to a friend. However, 70% of buyers report forgetting their realtor after one year.

You can’t stay in their lives, but you can stay in their inbox with engaging emails like this.

Information about increasing their home value, local deals on home products/services, and more will keep you top of mind next time they move or are asked for a referral.

8) Testimonial email
SUBJECT LINE: What home means to me

Hello [Prospect name],

Choosing a realtor can be tough -- and finding the right fit is one of the most important decisions you can make. Realtors (including myself) throw around a lot of stats about buying and selling homes, but it comes down to people looking for a place to be healthy, happy, and build a life.

To help illustrate how very human and personal this process is, I wanted to share a story from a recent client, [client name].

[Insert client testimonial]

If you’re interested in learning how I can help you find a perfect fit like I did for [client name], click this link to set up a meeting: [Insert link to Meetings tool]


[Your name]

Homebuying is an emotional experience. Tap into those feelings with a carefully selected testimonial from a favorite client.

Most clients will be happy to provide you with a glowing review (especially right after a seamless close). You can also ask Yelp reviewers whether you can use their testimonials in future email marketing. These emails are great for reminding previous clients how great you are. They also work well when farming new leads.

9) Farming email template
SUBJECT LINE: Been thinking of a fresh start? Now’s the time …

Hello [Prospect],

Is it time for something new? If you’ve been considering a move, here are a few reasons why now is the best time to start fresh:

  • Housing prices in your neighborhood have risen [percent] over the last five years.

  • The average home in [city] is selling in [number] days.

  • Homes are selling at an average price of [number].

I have [number] years’ experience selling in your neighborhood and am confident that, together, we can sell your home for the maximum return -- and find your next dream house. If you’re interested in learning more, click this link to schedule a meeting with me:

[Link to Meeting tool]


[Your name]

Breathe new life into this standby email template by avoiding vague statements like “People are interested in your home" or “There’s never been a better time to sell." Instead, build a data-driven case for why now’s the time to sell, and make it easy for them to learn more.

10) Thank you email template
SUBJECT LINE: Thank you!

Hello [Client],

I hope you’re settling into your new house and that it’s starting to feel like home for you and [family member/pet names].

I wanted to say thanks for choosing me as your realtor. It was a pleasure working with you, and I’m honored you allowed me to help you during this important process.

If I can answer any questions over the next few weeks and months, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I know you’ll get a lot of junk mail -- including misleading letters about your loan -- and I’m always happy to help sort real from fake!

Happy nesting,

[Your name]

Homebuyers have a lot of choices when buying or selling a home -- and they chose you! Show your appreciation with a kind thank-you note and small gift. Bouquets of flowers, bottles of wine, and complimentary dinners are gestures of appreciation that will go a long way.

First-time homebuyers can be especially overwhelmed by the amount of junk and fraudulent mail they’ll receive after closing. Offer to help them through the first few weeks as new homeowners for an extra-special customer experience.

Buyer and seller inboxes are inundated with emails every day, but realtors have the unique and powerful ability to send mail that clients and prospects open immediately. Maximize the impact of each message with the email templates above.

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