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Not Just For Tree Stands: 20 Creative Ways to Use a GoPro in Commercial Construction

In the world of commercial construction, staying ahead of the curve isn't just about breaking ground – it's about finding new, innovative ways in how to showcase your craft, train your teams, and engage with clients.

Enter the GoPro: A tiny camera powerhouse revolutionizing content creation across industries. While you might associate the GoPro with hunting, extreme sports or wildlife photography, this sweet little device has found a new home in skylines, steel beams and concrete.

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Woodsmall Marketing Group always looks for innovative ways to help our construction clients stand out in a crowded market. We're excited to share 20 creative ways to use a GoPro to elevate your commercial construction content strategy. Let's dive in!

Time-lapse Marvels: Imagine condensing months of hard work into a breathtaking few minutes. GoPro excels at creating time-lapse videos that showcase the entire journey of your construction project. From groundbreaking to ribbon-cutting, these videos are not just visually stunning – they're powerful testimonials of your efficiency and expertise.

360-Degree Site Tours: Step aside, traditional walkthroughs. You can create immersive 360-degree tours of your construction sites or complete projects with a GoPro. These virtual experiences allow clients to explore every nook and cranny from the comfort of their offices, adding a wow factor to your presentations.

Safety First Training Videos: Safety is paramount in construction, and a GoPro offers a unique first-person perspective for training videos. Demonstrate proper procedures, highlight potential hazards, and create engaging educational content that keeps your team safe and informed.

In the Driver's Seat: Have you ever wondered what operating a crane or maneuvering an excavator is like? Mount a GoPro in the cab, and you can give viewers an operator' s-eye view of heavy machinery in action, like our friends at Emery Sapp & Sons did here. It's not just cool—it showcases the skill and precision your team brings to every project.

Bird's Eye View: Pair your GoPro with a drone, and suddenly, you're offering clients sweeping aerial views of your construction sites. This perspective is awe-inspiring for large-scale projects, providing a sense of scope and progress that ground-level shots can't match.

A Day in the Life: From project managers to skilled tradespeople, every role in construction is crucial. Use your GoPro to create "day in the life" videos highlighting your team's diverse talents. It's a great way to humanize your brand and showcase your company culture.

Before-and-After Magic: There's nothing quite like an excellent before-and-after reveal. Use your GoPro to document spaces pre-renovation and post-completion. Create split-screen videos that dramatically show the transformation process, leaving no doubt about your value to each project.

Client Testimonials With a Twist: Don't just tell potential clients about your satisfied customers – show them. Use your GoPro to record on-site interviews with happy clients or capture their reactions as they see their completed project for the first time. It's authentic, engaging content that builds trust.

Team Building Highlights: Construction isn't all hard hats and blueprints. Use your GoPro to document company events, team-building activities, or community service projects. These videos showcase your company's values and the people behind the projects.

Problem-Solving in Action: When unexpected challenges arise on a construction site, your team's expertise shines. Use your GoPro to capture real-time problem-solving, demonstrating your company's ability to think independently and overcome obstacles.

Supply Chain Spotlight: Materials sometimes travel far from the factory to the construction site. Document this process with your GoPro, highlighting your efficient logistics and project management skills.

Green Construction Showcase: Sustainability is increasingly important in construction. Use your GoPro to highlight eco-friendly construction methods or document the installation of green technologies like solar panels or rainwater harvesting systems.

VR Experiences: Take your 360-degree videos to the next level by creating virtual reality experiences. Allow clients to virtually walk through spaces before a shovel hits the ground, adding an impressive high-tech element to your proposals.

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock)

Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses: People are fascinated by how things come together. Use your GoPro to offer behind-the-scenes looks at the planning and design processes that precede construction or capture team meetings and collaborative sessions.

Maintenance Tutorials: After completing the project, create instructional videos for clients on maintaining their new spaces. These value-added resources can set you apart from competitors and reinforce your commitment to client satisfaction.

Milestone Moments: Using your GoPro to document key project milestones from groundbreaking ceremonies to topping out celebrations like the one seen here from our friends at JE Dunn. These videos are perfect for social media and can help build excitement around your projects.

Safety Inspection Walkthroughs: Record safety inspections to demonstrate your commitment to workplace safety. Team members can use it for internal training, quality assurance, and reassuring clients about your safety standards.

Technique Comparisons: Use side-by-side GoPro footage to compare different construction techniques or materials. This can be a powerful way to educate clients on why specific project choices were made.

Dynamic Marketing Materials: Integrate GoPro footage into your website, social media, and promotional materials. Create engaging video case studies that bring your portfolio to life and showcase your expertise in action.

Live Project Updates: Use your GoPro's live streaming capabilities to provide real-time updates to clients or stakeholders. This level of transparency and communication can significantly enhance client relations.

The GoPro isn't just for capturing extreme sports anymore. In the world of commercial construction, this tiny camera opens up a world of possibilities for showcasing your work, engaging clients, and setting your company apart.

Remember, when implementing these ideas, always prioritize safety and obtain the necessary permissions before filming. With a bit of creativity and the right strategy, your GoPro can become one of the most valuable tools in your marketing toolbox.

Ready to take your construction marketing to new heights? Contact Woodsmall Marketing Group today to learn how we can help you implement these innovative GoPro strategies and more. Let's build something amazing together – both on the construction site and in your marketing efforts!

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